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C-Suite IMPACT Legal Resources provides support for law firms of all sizes, addressing all areas of business. With a focus on growth, performance, and succession, we help you achieve your goals and ring the bell of success.

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    The C-Suite Family

    IMPACT for All Areas of Your Business

    C-Suite IMPACT CFOs develops and implements the strategies that help you reach your business’s financial goals.

    C-Suite Business Intelligence collects and analyzes the data that can help improve your processes and aid in growth and performance.

    C-Suite Dealmakers helps you raise capital, find a strategic partner, and maximize the selling price of your business.

    C-Suite IMPACT helps your law firm achieve growth, performance, and succession with a focus on the nuances accompanying the legal environment.

    Costmarc increases profitability for clients through cost reduction strategies by leveraging expertise, relationships, transparency, and digital transformation tools.

    PM Human Capital Solutions connects finance and accounting professionals with companies looking to fill permanent, temporary, retained search, and payroll positions.

    W Talent is a recruitment firm that connects CPA and Business Management Firms with talent to make a mutually beneficial relationship to help both parties grow.

    Whitman Business Advisors works with a range of CPA firms helping with M&A, talent acquisition, project management, partner retreats, and more.