Who We Are

About Your IMPACT Legal Resources Partners

Your Partners on the Path to Success

C-Suite IMPACT Legal Resources is your partner throughout all stages of your firm’s lifecycle. We focus on three core areas: Growth, Performance, and Succession. These areas are addressed by recruitment services, back-office management, performance analysis, and end of firm support.

We connect law firms with talent to make a mutually beneficial relationship to help both parties grow. Specializing in the placement of attorneys, paralegals, and other legal staff, we have a vast network to fill any position—for both firms and prospective employees.

Offering back-office support for projects or long-term help, we take the business tasks off your plate and provide high-level information, allowing you to focus on the legal side of your firm. You can even outsource your entire accounting staff to us to ensure proper financial management.

Your C-Suite IMPACT fractional Cheif Operating Officer or Executive Director looks at all areas of the firm to enhance revenue, reduce expenses, and improve processes, providing a higher level of management without the cost of a full-time employee.

We are more than advisors—we are your link between your problem, a solution, and success.