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Barry Jackson, CEO of IMPACT Legal Resources LLC


Chief Executive Officer & President

Barry Jackson has facilitated the practice of law as head of non-legal operations in the Law Firm arena for over 21 years and has over 30 years of law firm experience. Barry was the President of the Association of Legal Administrators in 2006 and also served 5 years on the NYSBA Legal Practices Committee. The NYSBA asked Barry to write Best Practices in Legal Management: A Comprehensive Guide, which was published in 2010 and sold nationwide, becoming a best seller.

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An image of Philip Whitman, CPA


Managing Member

Firms of all sizes from sole practitioners to top 10 global firms rely on him. Phil specializes in succession planning, mergers & acquisitions, strategic talent acquisition and practice management consulting. With firm management experience ranging from three partners, twelve employees, and $2 million in annual revenues to one of the Top 30 CPA firms in the Nation, with 48 partners, 400 employees and almost $100 million in annual revenues, there’s nothing Phil hasn’t seen.

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An image of David Wolfskehl, Managing Member


Managing Member 

David is an entrepreneur and has been a guide for entrepreneurs throughout his adult life. He is the author of The Micro Niche Method: The Pathway to Premium Pricing and Increased Profitability. The Micro Niche Method is a process that brings Business development success to professional services firms. David has received several business awards, including ARC Employer of the Year and Fortune Small Business Magazine Boss of the Year finalist.

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An image of Craig Fallon, V.P. of Business Development


Vice President Business Development

Craig is a business development expert and has always provided his clients with stellar service. Craig most recently served as Business Development Director for PKF O'Connor Davies, a Top 50 CPA firm. Prior to that he served as Vice President, Partner Revenue and Growth Strategies at CFO Studio. Craig's experience and skillset make him an incredible connector of COI's. Craig serves to connect you with the resources you need.

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Joseph Gilchrist, Director of Business Development



Joseph specializes in the placement of Attorneys, Legal Secretaries and Paralegals. His background has allowed him to understand the full life cycle recruitment process as well as the technical and professional requirements for these positions. Additionally, Joe has been opportunistic in created M&A opportunities for Law Firms. Joe spent two years with a Global Recruitment Organization where he reached the Senior Consultant level.

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